The story of nourish

Meet Danelle

Hi I'm Danelle!

Let me tell you all about Nourish! Through my midwifery studies and further studies into baby massage and lactation education, I found one reoccurring theme; mothers were feeling unsupported and disconnected during the postpartum time. Nourish is my little way of giving back to mums. It is a lovingly curated collection of amazing baby and breastfeeding products as well as a community filled with connection and love. By boosting Oxytocin (the amazing love hormone) and decreasing cortisol (a stress hormone) baby massage encourages love through nurturing touch. I am currently working hard behind the scenes to launch an online baby massage course, where you can reap the many, many benefits of baby massage from the comfort of your own home. 

So welcome to Nourish, a space for mums to be NOURISHED!


Danelle x




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