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The story of nourish


Meet Elizabeth

Hi I'm Liz

Let me tell you all about Nourish!

For thirteen years I have been in the Early childhood industry and I've always had a growing passion for the learning and  developmental pathways of children in their early years. Throughout my years and experience in Early Learning and now as a first time mum myself, I found that there are numerous reoccurring themes; mothers were feeling unsupported and there is a lack of community support networks prior and during the postpartum time.

Nourish is my little way of giving back to mums. It is a lovingly curated collection of amazing baby and breastfeeding products as well as a community filled with connection and love. By boosting Oxytocin (the amazing love hormone) and decreasing cortisol (a stress hormone), for both the mothers and their babies,

So welcome to Nourish, a space for mums to be NOURISHED!

The secret ingredient is always LOVE!!!!


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